Delawana Resort Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka's premiere self-catered resort on Georgian Bay

Gertie the Delawana Dog

Delawana Dog I

While Delawana Resort remains a pet-free resort, we do have a permanent guest who roams the grounds freely and is friendly as can be... Her name is Gertie, and she is the Delawana Dog!

Gertie belongs to resort manager Jordan. Gertie is a 14 year old yellow labrador retriever. She is great with children and adults alike. Be warned though, if you pay her too much attention, you may have a new best friend for the rest of your stay.

Gertie loves to play ball and fetch frisbees, but unfortunately as she gets older she gets pretty sore after doing these activities. We ask that guests try to limit the throwing of balls, sticks, or frisbees for Gertie.

All of our rooms and indoor facilities remain completely pet-free (and that includes Gertie, so please do not invite her in!).

Orville the Delawana Dog II

Delawana Dog II

During the fall of 2020, Gertie rescued a stray puppy that had found his way onto the resort. Gertie is currently training this young pup to be her replacement as the future Delawana Dog. This puppy's name is Orville Redenbarker, and he is currently learning the ins and outs of his role at the Delawana as the future Delawana Dog.