Delawana Resort Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka's premiere self-catered resort on Georgian Bay


Please fill out a separate application for each accommodation request (those wanting to rent more than one seasonal unit).

Accommodation Rates:

Resort Fee
Max OccupIncluded Parking
COTTAGES(Includes Kitchenette)
Honeysuckle$1,50052 Spaces
Sandcherry$1,50052 Spaces
Blueberry$1,40042 Spaces
SUITES(Includes Kitchenette)
Beeches Suite$75052 Spaces
Birches Suite$75052 Spaces
Spruces Suite$75052 Spaces
Trilliums Suite$75042 Spaces
ROOMS(No cooking facilities or appliances)
Asters Room$50041 Space
Birches Room$50041 Space
Spruces Room$65041 Space
Beeches Room$50031 Space

Parking Rates:

Docking Rates:

Figure A:

Contact Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Seasonal Date:

Please provide details of all adults and children occupying the accommodation:

Include applicant if applicable.
Full NameAge
Occupant 1
Occupant 2
Occupant 3
Occupant 4
Occupant 5
(if permitted)

Please specify required number of parking spaces:

Only a single vehicle or trailer may occupy a single parking space at any one time.
Seasonal trailer parking is included elsewhere on-site for long term storage of trailers; don't include this in the required number of parking spaces.

Please provide details of vehicles / trailers that will be parking on-site:

Make / Model / ColorLicense Plate
Vehicle/Trailer 1
Vehicle/Trailer 2
Vehicle/Trailer 3
Vehicle/Trailer 4

Please give details of vessels / watercraft requiring docking:

Please see Figure A above for determining vessel length; more than one vessel / watercraft may be accommodated pending availability.
Make / Model / ColorLength (ft)
Vessel 1
Vessel 2
Vessel 3
Vessel 4

Additional Requests:

Excludes use of point West and North of Blueberry.
Pricing effective for deals made and deposits received by November 1, 2020.

Unit availability shown on accommodation select may not reflect latest availability.

Please do not leave any necessary fields blank; this information is required to generate your 2021 Seasonal Agreement.
Leaving any necessary fields blank will result in a delay of application processing.