Delawana Resort Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka's premiere self-catered resort on Georgian Bay

Delawana Inn, old photograph from early 1900s

History of Delawana Inn

Delawana Inn circa 1920s

In 1897 the Delawana Inn first opened its doors as a hotel called the Victoria House, owned and operated by Nathan Nickerson a former Victoria Harbour sawmill operator.
For 15 cents a steam-boat would take guests from Victoria Harbour to Honey Harbour, as all guests and supplies had to be transported by boat since there were no roads.
Guests of the hotel were offered accommodations by the night or the week. Guests also had the use of boats, meals were supplied, picnic lunches created, and ice cream and confectioneries were available.

In the 1920's Nathan Nickerson's son, Charles, sold the Hotel (the Victoria House) to the Grisé brothers. The Grisé brothers at the time were the operators of The Royal Hotel which was directly across the channel from the Victoria House hotel. Fred Grisé, one of the Grisé brothers who was a former liquor store owner (until prohibition ended that venture), took over the operations of the Victoria House hotel.
Fred Grise's son, Didace, along with Fred Grise's daughter-in-law, Mary, became the managers of the Victoria House hotel. Didace and Mary raised five sons and four daughters while running the resort, and it was while under the Grisé family operation that the hotel became The Delawana Inn.

Legend tells of a local Chief named Delawana who lost his daughter and her two dogs in a tragic rock-fall. In honour of the Chief's loss and his daughter's memory, the Great Spirit gave the area its beautiful Birch trees. The Big Dog and Little Dog Channels that run near the property were then named for the Chief's daughter's two dogs.

In 1952 the Victoria House hotel burned to the ground. It was rebuilt.

In 1973 the hotel burned to the ground a second time. Again, it was rebuilt.

In 1996 the resort changed hands, when it was purchased by a development company from Toronto.

In 2013 the resort went into receivership, and after being purchased, reopened its doors in 2014 as the Delawana Resort, dropping the word 'inn' while still keeping the historical 'Delawana'; this was to prevent confusion due to the lack of an actual inn being on the property anymore.

For a more in-depth history about the Delawana Inn, please visit the Wikipedia Page.

Delawana Resort (Formerly the Delawana Inn)

Delawana Resort Honey Harbour Georgian Bay Aerial

Delawana Resort is a 25-acre self-catered resort located on historical Georgian Bay in Muskoka, Ontario. It's a beautiful and historic area; the bay is rich with legends and folklore, and many of the residents of the area have been here for generations upon generations.
Now under new ownership, Delawana Resort is being run as a self-catered Muskoka resort offering Cottage Rentals, Resort Suites, and Resort Rooms; accommodations fitting for any individuals, families, or groups looking to experience Muskoka first-hand.
Delawana Resort now offers a more affordable summer getaway for guests. Delawana Resort (formerly the Delawana Inn) has been creating memories for families for over 100 years, and we are pleased to continue in the creation of many new memories offered by the beautiful surroundings of Georgion Bay in Muskoka.

Resort Facilities

Delawana Resort offers Sports Facilities, Outdoor Games, Watercraft, Mountain Bikes, Beaches, Docks, Georgian Bay Waterfront, and Nature and the Muskoka Wilderness right at our doorstep. In addition to all of the facilities at Delawana Resort, local amenities lend to creating the perfect vacation destination.

Georgian Bay offers great fishing with one of the widest assortment of sport fishing in the world. We also have fantastic fishing right of our docks at the resort.

What's Changed & What's the Same?

Delawana Resort as of 2014 is under new ownership and management. In June 2014 Delawana Resort re-opened as a self-catered Muskoka resort. The resort was once run as an all inclusive full-service establishment, but now has become a more affordable vacation destination for those looking for a more laid-back Muskoka experience.

Delawana Resort will have many of the existing Sports Facilities and Amenities available for use. Guests will have access to Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboats, Tennis Courts, Basketball, Outdoor Games, Mountain Bikes, Beaches, Fishing, Docks, Firepits, and of course the great outdoors.
For returning guests to note: In the 2021 season, facilities that the resort will not be offering include: Spa, Racketball, Ropes Course, and any of the Main Building Experiences.

The Main Building (Main Lodge) will remain closed for the time being, while future developments are being planned and in the making.