Delawana Resort Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka's premiere self-catered resort on Georgian Bay

Please check back regularly for updated questions and answers to our most common iniquiries related to COVID-19.
What is your cancelation policy if I were to make a booking today for an upcoming spring or summer date?At present, any booking with an arrival date prior to June 19, 2020 can be cancelled without penalty. As this is a fluid situation, we’ll be monitoring and adjusting our policy accordingly. We plan on accommodating all of our bookers and guests as best that we can. Check back here regularly for updates on dates and timelines.
What is being done to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at the Delawana Resort?Our policies and procedures are constantly being strengthened in response to COVID-19. This includes policies around facility use, housekeeping, employee interactions, and much more. Check back closer to our opening date to find out what changes have been made around the resort this season to limit and prevent interactions and potential exposures.

Currently we are only permitting new bookings to occur if enough time can be allocated in the booking calendar for our cleaning crews to throughly clean and sanitize an accommodation after use.

We are also limiting the number of rooms available and the number of guests on the resort at any one time.
Will I be refunded if the resort is mandated by government to close?We haven't seen any information that points to self-catered resorts being required to close. We will provide more information here as the season approaches.
Will there be any adjustment of Seasonal Rates if the season is cut short?We haven't seen any information that leads us to believe the season will be cut short. We will provide more information here as the season approaches.