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Honey Harbour Waterfront Development Plan

Posted on September 8, 2020 Delawana Resort - Honey Harbour Waterfront Development Plan

The Delawana Resort is located in the picturesque little town of Honey Harbour. Together with the Township of Georgian Bay, we are working on a waterfront plan near the entrance of the Resort on Delawana Road that will include boat docks, walking promenade, and more!
New plans include utilizing the beach area, adding multiple picnic areas, benches, bike racks, and a wooden pavilion.
The promenade area will have a wide range of shrubs and perennials including Silver Spreader Juniper and Flamenco Orange Coneflower as well as Red Maple and Paper Birch trees.
This Waterfront Plan will help greater establish Honey Harbor while providing opportunity for a delightful social point for the Delawana guests, Honey Harbor visitors, and the Muskoka community at large.
We are excited about the development of the Honey Harbor Waterfront Plan as the town itself had limited access to the waterfront. This plan will allow for Honey Harbor to be a true waterfront town.
The waterfront promenade extends the possibility for things to do and places to fish, bike, picnic, offering our guests a new local attraction.
We’re looking forward to creating new memories with you!